Turn Back and Give Thanks


There were ten lepers who asked Jesus to heal them. And when Jesus saw them, He instructed them to show themselves to the priests. How many times have you been told to go back and do something you have tried before OR assumed the people you were instructed to see couldn’t help you? Well, instead of questioning Jesus, the lepers obeyed. And as they went, they were healed. It wasn’t the priests who healed them; it was their “as they went” faith that healed them.  They were healed and able to return to their families, careers and churches. However, only one leper returned to thank Jesus. One. That one ran back to the feet of Jesus, thanking Him over and over again for his healing.

Before you start out with celebrating Thanksgiving Day, stop and reflect on the miracle, deliverance, breakthrough and healing God has blessed you with; whether in your body, thoughts, habits, finances, relationships, ministry, or career. Whether it happened 5 years ago or 5 days. Be like that one leper and turn back, fall at Jesus feet and thank Him over and over for giving you the “as you went” faith to obey His instructions (without knowing the details), for His miraculous power and unfailing love. Remember obedience precedes miracles, and a thankful heart precedes true worship.

Happy Thanksgiving!