Keep Pedaling

San Francisco BridgeI let out a long sigh. Pressed my foot on the pedal, hoping the “you never forget how to ride a bicycle” cliché still applied—even at my age. I prayed as my bike wobbled down the sidewalk, praying that neither my bike nor I would collide into the herd of bikers whizzing past me or the clusters of tourists crossing my path. What was I thinking when I agreed to bike 8.5 miles across the San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate bridge with my daughters, knowing I had never cycled more than two miles at LA Fitness.

The Halfway Point
But I agreed, secretly planning to turn around at the halfway point and ride back to the bike rental station . . . until my ego kicked in. Somehow impressing my daughters and seeing how far I could go prodded me to pedal harder, faster—more determined to push beyond the halfway point.

To my surprise, I actually wanted to finish. And what started out as a fun (and grueling) ride around winding mountains became my life metaphor. “There is more in me.” Every cell in me wanted to see the other side, in spite of my burning thighs. I wanted to see the San Francisco skyline, the end of the Golden Gate Bridge, and feel the ten-minute breezy downhill ride to the seaside town of Sausalito. Ultimately, I wanted to see how far I could go . . . and finish.

Follow Your Instincts
Have you ever wondered how far you could go this year if you stepped out of your comfort zone and followed your instincts? Do you long to see the best version of you this year? Deep down many believe God has the power to fulfill His plan for their life, yet settle for less because of fear, doubt, or past disappointments.

I believe there are times when we need to just toss out our excessive planning, push through the fear and just do it! Commit to completing your 2016 goals and launch – perfect or imperfect. You are at the half-way point of 2016. Now is not the time to stop. Keep pedaling! Draw in your second wind and pedal until you reach the finish line.


As I cruised downhill to Sausalito, nearing the end of my 8.5 miles, I thought, “I can’t believe it. I did it! I really did it!” I felt as though I had finished the Tour de France. You have what it takes to launch your business or launch a better version of you. . Imagine the possibilities of where your life could be if you stepped out of your comfort zone and said “YES” to God. Ernest and Young’s 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist and CEO of Etc. Group, Debbie Frazier’s motto sums it up: “Say Yes. Figure out the details later.

Move out of your own way. Your dream is waiting for you. Keep pedaling and ride hard!

See you at the finish line!

Challenge: Choose the main goal you want to achieve this year and break it down to mini- monthly and weekly goals. This week, determine the step you will make to bring you closer to achieving your goal. Find an accountability partner and