Corporate Speaking Topics

"Millicent is a professional…expectation-exceeding…an encourager with a gift for communication. She speaks with that perfect combination of approachability and finesse."

Sandi Glahn

Convention Chair, Evangelical Press Association

Life By Design, Not Default: Upgrade Your Work Life

Millicent provides a fun, interactive and informative program that empowers employees at all levels to give themselves a happiness raise. We’ll identify points of frustration in the workplace and how to overcome them with effective strategies. From there, we’ll talk about committing to goals and setting themselves up for success. Ultimately, your staff will learn to think differently, transforming a fixed mindset into a growth mindset to benefit both themselves and your organization.

Talking Points:
• Bounce back faster, understanding how setbacks and slipups can work for you.
• Find meaning and purpose in your daily demands.
• Aim higher and commit to your goals – setting yourself up for success.
• Think differently, transforming a fixed mindset into a growth mindset.
• Learn how to stop sabotaging your success.

What (or Who) Are You Waiting On?

Stuck. Frustrated. Ashamed. Unsure. Sound familiar? Disappointments and the vicissitudes of life can drain the confidence and hope out of us…until negative thinking, doubt, and feeling stuck becomes normal. If you long to live your best life, but find yourself stuck in despair, settling for less in meaningless jobs, waiting for perfect conditions or the right person to rescue you, this session is for you. Through a look at the life of a man at the Pool of Bethesda, you can discover instead of lying there obsessing over your limitations or obstacles, waiting on them to move or someone move them for you, you can overcome them. It’s time to stand up and walk toward your future. In this session, you will:

• Understand the power of expectations and the 3 levels of waiting.
• Unearth the courage to engage your healing process.
• Learn how to stop sabotaging your success.
• Discover strategies to overcome your inhibitions and start living the life you want.