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"Millicent is a triple threat speaker: authentic, inspirational and ends on time."

Bryan Flanagan

Sales Ambassador, ZigZiglar, Inc.

"Millicent possesses an innate ability to discern and reach her target audience. She employs the requisite aspects of multiple learning styles to render optimal effectiveness."

Martha Alexander

Christian Education Director, His Hands Fellowship Church

Life by Design, not Default: Upgrade Your Friendships

In this fun and inspiring program, Millicent shares the power of fostering great friendships in and outside of the workplace.

Finding and keeping friends was easy when we were kids―we sat together in 3rd grade or played hopscotch during recess. The obstacles we faced disappeared by saying “I’m sorry” or by sharing a gargantuan hot fudge sundae. Keeping adult friendships problem-free, however, can be challenging. They can lift you up or weigh you down and truly impact your life’s trajectory. Every friendship has the potential to influence a person’s life for better or worse. This interactive message is designed to help take you to the next level in building great friendships by being your best self.

This is the feel good program your group will thank you for years to come.

Talking Points
• Recognize the 5 types of friends every woman should have.
• Raise your Relational IQ by practicing the law of selectivity. You
can’t be friends with everyone.
• Learn how to have healthy relationships with unhealthy people.
• Understand and overcome the fears that have held you back from
having authentic relationships.

Millicent is a passionate storyteller with a rich background ranging from the corporate world, public service, a near-death experience with an 18-wheeler, motherhood, womanhood and so much more. Audiences truly enjoy Millicent Martin Poole’s authenticity.

What Are You Really Running From?

Mention Hagar and you probably think of Sarai’s Egyptian maidservant who was given to Abraham. Or maybe, the mother of Ishmael. But it turns out we have seriously underestimated this woman. She was more “woman of courage and purpose.” than “a woman without a voice or significance.” Millicent gives contemporary relevance to ageless biblical truths in making the case that Hagar, and women like her, can walk in their life’s purpose. Drawing on the life lessons of Hagar, Millicent will help younavigate life obstacles and feel empowered to:

• Conquer your Sarah tests – fears and challenges- that have caused them to settle.
• Bounce back from setbacks, faster.
• Transition from where you are to where you really want to be.

What (or Who) Are You Waiting On?

Stuck. Frustrated. Ashamed. Unsure. Sound familiar? Disappointments and the vicissitudes of life can drain the confidence and hope out of us…until negative thinking, doubt, and feeling stuck becomes normal.If you long to live your best life, but find yourself stuck in despair, settling for less in meaningless jobs, waiting for perfect conditions or the right person, this session is for you. Through a look at the life of a man at the Pool of Bethesda, you can discover instead of lying there obsessing over your limitations or obstacles, waiting on them to move or someone move them for you, you can overcome them. It’s time to stand up and run toward your future.In this session, you will:

• Understand the power of expectations and the 3 levels of waiting.
• Unearth the courage to engage in the process of your healing.
• Learn how to stop sabotaging your success.
• Discover strategies to overcome your inhibitions and start living the life you want.